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Chapter 10: A Single Man’s Compassion

Only one brahmin, Parashuram, was one of the avataras. But he was not a brahmin at all. It is said that you cannot find a more violent man in the whole history of the world. He was so against the warriors, the race of kshatriyas, that it is said that thirty-six times he killed all the kshatriyas in the world. He wanted to uproot all the kshatriyas from the world. He was not a brahmin at all, the world has never known such a great warrior. Why?

The fact is simple and scientific: if love is released, sex must have been there; if compassion is released, anger, hatred, violence must have been there; if non-attachment is released, greed must have been there, jealousy, possessiveness must have been there. You can know a tree by the fruit, and you can know a man.whatsoever happens in his enlightenment is his fruit and you can know from where that fruit comes.

A lotus flower comes from the ordinary mud. By seeing the lotus flower, you cannot conceive that it comes from the ordinary mud - they seem so contradictory. But life joins contradictions. The most beautiful flower in the world, the lotus, the most delicate, comes out of ordinary mud, dirty mud.

Love comes out of the mud of sex, compassion comes out of the mud of anger, and nirvana comes out of the mud of this world.

The last question:

I wonder, what is Hasidism?

I also wonder.

Enough for today.