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Chapter 7: Transcending the Seven Bodies

When you are feeling lazy, then there is a difference. When you are feeling active, then there is a difference. When you are sleepy, then there is a difference. These differences must be known distinctly. Only then do you become acquainted with the inner life of your body - in disease, in youth, in old age, in childhood. Then you know the inner history, the inner geography. And the moment one becomes aware of his body totally from within, the second body comes into vision automatically.

This second body now will be known from the outside. If you know the first body from the inside, then you will become aware of the second body from the outside as we have known our first body from the outside.

Every body has two dimensions: the outer and the inner. Just like every wall has two aspects - the outward looking and the inward looking - so every body consists of a wall. When you cross the first body and know it from inside, you become aware of the second body from the outside.

You are now in between: inside of the first and outside of the second. From the outside of the first body you can never know the second body. It is the second circle.

This second body, known from outside, is etheric. It is not physical. It is just like condensed smoke. You can pass through it without any hindrance. But it is not transparent; that’s why I am using “condensed smoke,” not “transparent.” You can pass through it without any hindrance, but you cannot look into it from the outside. The first body is neither transparent nor smoky. It is solid. The second body is just like the first one as far as the shape is concerned - just like it, a faint shadow of it.

When the first body dies, the second is not dead. It travels with you. But within thirteen days, it too is dead. It disperses, evaporates. This second body - when you know it while the first body is present, in life, then you can make the distinction clearly.

This second body can go out of your physical body. Sometimes in meditation this second body goes up or down, and you have a feeling that gravitation has no pull over you. Your eyes are closed; you feel you have gone up, you have left the earth. But when you open your eyes, you are on the earth, and you know you were on the earth all the time. The feeling came because of the second body, not because of the first. For the second there is no gravitation. The moment you know it, you feel a certain freedom unknown to the physical, because gravitation is the bondage. A great freedom comes to you from outside. Gravitation is not. You can go outside of your body and come back.

This is the second step: if you want to know your second body from inside, one must have outer body experiences. And the method is not difficult - just wish to be outside and you are outside. The wish is the fulfillment. For the second body there is no effort to be made because there is no pull of gravitation. The difficulty for the first is because of the gravitational force. If I want to come to your house, I will have to fight with the gravitational force. That is why there is effort, labor. But if there is no gravitation, then the simple desire will be enough: the thing will happen.

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