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Chapter 24: A Communion of the Heart

But tolerance is not a great quality. It is a very third-rate value.

It beats persecution. Governments elsewhere have been known to persecute on religious grounds.

In fact, persecution is better than tolerance, because persecution at least recognizes you on equal grounds. Persecution really means that the people who are persecuting are afraid of you; they are afraid that if you are both allowed to exist together, soon the other party is going to win. They have the truth and you don’t have it. So before it becomes known, they have to be destroyed.

But when you tolerate somebody you have already accepted that they are inferior to you; there is no fear about it.

I would love rather to be persecuted than to be tolerated. Persecution simply means you are afraid, you are threatened.

That seems to be the attitude of the German government at the moment.

Yes. They are threatened. They discuss me in their parliament, against me - a person who has never been in their country. But if I am there, they are going to persecute me like anything. But I love it! I enjoy it.

I am being persecuted here in America, what to say of Germany!

So then you are persecuted here.never mind tolerated?

Yes, there are so many cases going in the courts against me - false, utter lies. And we are defeating all those cases, because they are against their own laws, against their own constitution.

You mean the constitution of the United States?


We’ve been most impressed in Los Angeles, in California, at how well the commune has won each case and insisted upon the American way being served.

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