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Chapter 4: Transcendence: The True Therapy

She said, “You must be sitting in meditation.. Whenever I sit in meditation the only problem is my back starts.I feel so much like I have to scratch it, and I cannot reach it. So I have purchased this hand. This is very handy! You put it on and it can scratch anywhere. So I was just thinking that you must be sitting in will need this!”

I said, “I never sit in meditation. I am in meditation, so I don’t need to sit. Whatsoever I am doing I am in meditation. If my back needs scratching I will scratch it meditatively. What is wrong in scratching your own back? You are not scratching somebody else’s back.”

Just take care of the body and the body will repay you tremendously. Take care of your mind and the mind will be helpful. Create friendship, and meditation comes easily. Rather than trying to understand.because understanding is not possible before meditation, only misunderstanding.

A man walked into a pub one night and sat down at the bar to drink a beer.

While he was engaged in conversation with the man on the stool beside him, a monkey clambered down one of the bar posts, stopped at his glass and pissed in his beer.

The man noticed it too late.

“Hey!” he exclaimed. “Did you see that? That monkey just pissed in my beer!”

“Well, no use tellin’ me about it,” said his neighbor. “Tell the barkeeper - he owns this place.”

The man called the barkeeper over.

“Hey!” he said. “Do you know that while I was talking with this gentleman a monkey came over and pissed in my beer?”

“Nothin’ to do with me,” said the landlord. “Go and have a word with the pianist over there - it is his monkey!”

The man walked over with his pint mug, tapped the pianist on the shoulder and said, “Hey, do you know your monkey has just pissed in my beer?”

“No,” said the pianist, “but if you sing the words, I will play it.”

The fourth question:

Is not ego a part of divine play? Who am I to drop it?

So please don’t drop it!

The venerable old rabbi, known throughout the land for his wisdom, lay in a coma, very near death. On either side of his bed hovered his most worshipful disciples.

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