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Chapter 44: The Very Perfume of Love

Maneesha will also stop, she has just to finish her editing. She has got into a trouble because unless I stop speaking she cannot finish her editing - and I am not going to stop! But the work that I have given her will help her more than anything to stop. She may not stop because she has to finish the work - which will help millions of people to stop, but the words that she continually has to come across are bound to penetrate her more than anybody else.

So don’t feel jealous of Maneesha.

Milarepa is already on the verge of stopping. Chetana already thinks he is a ghost! Just one thing is wrong, that ghosts are never known to play on the guitar.

Everything is possible in this universe. So we can take his guitar any moment and he can disappear. But while I am speaking he has to play on the guitar.

But you all are going to disappear, this way or that.

So by the way, Milarepa, you keep hold of your guitar as hard as possible. Whatever happens, don’t leave it. Chetana may try to take the guitar - “Nothing doing,” tell her, “this is the only thing. I am holding the wheel; otherwise it is going to stop.” But a guitar can be dropped any moment, there is no problem; or you can pass it on to somebody else who still wants to have a few rounds.

Take life playfully. Take the stopping of life also playfully. There is nothing to be serious about. And once a person learns to take everything playfully then nothing is going to prevent him. He is going to disappear into the universe, into godliness.