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Chapter 10: You Can’t Win ’em All

I teach you a life of joy, celebration, delight. I don’t teach you long faces. The days of the sad saint are no more. The future belongs to the laughing saints.

And the last question:

There is no doubt that for ninety-nine percent of the lectures I am very busy thinking. But strange are the weird trips I get into! Now for the last ten days, I am most of the time involved in these ballerina fantasies - seeing myself in this beautiful tutu, whirling in front of you in a great symphony!
The dream of a poor little elephant?

That is great! Forget all about the lectures! You are having such a beautiful experience - even I felt jealous.

And the really, really last one:

I have known many, many successes and only a few failures in my life, but still those few failures are heavy on me, they hurt. Why?

Be a little playful, man. If you go on succeeding in everything, then everybody else will go on failing. A few chances to others too - be a little fair.

A story for you to meditate.

Joe the gambler walked into a saloon and said to the bartender, “Bet you a dollar I can bite my right eye.”

The bartender said, “Okay. It’s a bet.”

So Joe took out his glass eye and bit it. The bartender paid up, and then challenged, “Bet you a dollar you can’t bite your left eye.”

Joe accepted the challenge. A crowd gathered. He then removed his dental plates from his mouth and bit his left eye. The bartender smiled and paid up.

Then Joe said, “I’ll bet you a dollar I can piss on you without getting you wet.”

This offer was promptly accepted, and then Joe proceeded to do his thing. The bartender jumped back, drenched, and exclaimed, “What? What the hell are you doing?”

“Well,” answered Joe ruefully, as he slapped a buck on the bar, “You can’t win ‘em all!”

Enough for today.