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Chapter 3: A Meeting of Two Rivers

Truth brings freedom, meditation brings freedom - freedom from scriptures and freedom from the words of the ancients. It brings a silence, a peace, and a sense of eternity, immortality, deathlessness. It brings a dance to your life, a new song, a new music, a new way of living in grace and love. But it has nothing to do with any organized religion.

All organized religions have proved criminals, murderers. They have done nothing but massacre. They have burned living human beings all over the world. If we want a new world, we have to get rid of all organized religions. Religiousness is just like love. Have you ever heard of organized love? It reminds me..

Just the other day in England the Duke of Edinburgh made a very strange statement. In the parliament they were discussing curtailing hunting because so many species of animals are simply disappearing.

The Duke of Edinburgh is a well-known hunter. He did not agree with the parliament, and he said, “There is no difference between hunting and purchasing meat from a butcher’s shop.” And to give an example, perhaps not knowing its implications, he said, “The difference between hunting and purchasing meat from a butcher is the difference between a married woman and a prostitute, and there is no difference between a married woman and a prostitute.” The parliament was shocked.

They have prevented me from entering England, but I have my own ways of entering.! I have been saying this again and again for three decades, that there is no difference between marriage and prostitution. Marriage is a little longer contract, prostitution is a shorter contract. Both are purchased with money.

But he did not think it through. What does it mean? Queen Elizabeth is a prostitute? England is ruled by a prostitute? But it is true! And prostitution will be dropped only if marriage disappears. Prostitution is a by-product of marriage, and while marriage remains there is no way to avoid prostitution.

For centuries, every society has tried to destroy prostitutes, but they don’t understand that it is a by-product. No by-product can ever be destroyed. Can you destroy your shadow? Your shadow is simply a by-product.

Marriage creates a bondage, and every bondage creates a tremendous desire to have a little freedom at least once in a while. That freedom creates the prostitutes.

But why keep all the women either as slaves in the name of marriage or as prostitutes? It is so ugly, so barbarous. Just drop marriage and let every woman be utterly free and independent.

Love cannot be purchased, and if you purchase it, it cannot be love. You can love out of freedom, and your love should enhance the freedom. If it destroys freedom it is committing suicide itself.

One sannyasin has asked:

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