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Chapter 10: The Bridge but Not the Water Flows

God is always here, but we are not here. A child has to lose track; he has to go for thirty years’ pilgrimage. Every child has to lose track, every child has to go astray. Only by going astray, only by suffering, will he attain eyes, clarity, transparency. Only by going into a thousand and one things, will he start looking for the real.

The unreal has to be searched. The unreal is attractive, the unreal is magnetic. And how can you know the real if you have not known the unreal? The child knows the real - but he has not known the unreal, so he cannot define the real. The child knows God - but he has not known the world, so he cannot define God. Each child comes like a saint, but has to become a sinner. Then the second childhood. If you don’t attain to the second childhood you have missed your life.

So don’t think, and don’t be worried, that you have lost it. Everybody has to lose it - that should not be a problem. The problem is only if you go on and on, and you never come back. If this man goes on and on.thirty years, thirty lives, three hundred lives, three thousand lives.goes on and on, and never comes back, and never attains to the second childhood, then something has really gone wrong.

Err - to err is human. That is the way to learn. Go astray - going astray is the way to come back home. Forget God, so that you can remember him. Escape from God, so one day the thirst becomes a fire in you and you have to come to God again.Like a hungry man, like a thirsty man.

This had to happen to humanity too. Now there will be a great assertion of paganism in the world again - the second childhood. That’s why Zen has become so important, so significant; Tantra has become such a significant word. Sufism, Hasidism, are more important now than Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism - why? Why Tantra? Why Tao? Why Zen? Why Sufi? Why Hasid? These are the pagan attitudes - they create the second childhood.

The world is getting ready; humanity is becoming more and more mature. This age is the age of humanity’s youth. The childhood is no more; we have lost it, we have become corrupted. But don’t be worried by it - that is how one attains to innocence again. And the second childhood is far more valuable than the first, because the second cannot be lost. The first has to be lost, is bound to be lost; no child, not even a buddha, could retain it. No child can retain it; it is in the very nature of things. When something is given to you - and you were not seeking it, and you were not even asking for it, you were not ready even to receive it.

If you give a child a diamond, a diamond like the Kohinoor, he will play with it a little while and then throw it away. He does not know what it is. The Kohinoor is the Kohinoor, whether you know it or not. The Kohinoor is the Kohinoor - knowledge makes no difference. But the child will throw it away; he will become fed-up sooner or later. Just a stone - how long can you play with it? Even if it is very colorful, even if it is very shiny.but how long?

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