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Chapter 11: Remaining Closed to the Lower: A Technique for Transformation

That is why Krishna is trying to convince Arjuna to surrender. “Surrender to me,” he says, “and there will be no problem for you. Then I will take charge - I will fight through you.”

But then, you are not. The whole struggle in the Gita between Arjuna and Krishna is due to Arjuna trying to remain himself: he wants to decide for himself whether to fight or not. Closed to the higher, he wants to decide according to the lower. He is resisting opening up to the higher and Krishna is insisting, “Close the lower and surrender to the higher. Then no decision will be needed on your part; then the higher will decide. Surrender to it.”

Close the lower first and then, whenever you feel the higher, surrender to the higher. Whenever you feel the higher, have faith in it. Whenever you feel the lower, don’t believe it, don’t trust it; remain closed to it. Then you yourself will become a bridge to the higher.