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Chapter 35: Beyond the Mind Is Your Reality

What I am saying is that you are neither. My approach transcends Gurdjieff and J. Krishnamurti together.

Gurdjieff was more interested in physical efforts, hard labor, dancing, exercises. He was basing his action on the body. Krishnamurti is not interested in the body. He is interested in the activity of the mind, so his whole approach is simply logical, analytical. But you will be surprised that he himself personally has been practicing yoga his whole life.

And this is very strange - he never teaches yoga, never even mentions it, because that is not his own ground. His own ground, his territory, is logical, analytical; it is thinking. He can create philosophers, not mystics. He himself is more of a philosopher, but he knows that yoga is significant. They are parts of the same hemisphere, so he has been practicing yoga - but he is a sincere thinker.

He has had teachers in yoga. We had in Pune one of the best teachers of yoga, Iyengar, who has been traveling with J. Krishnamurti and teaching him yoga. He even approached me - because he had been listening to me - and he wanted to teach me yoga. And it is true that he is the best expert in India.

But I simply refused. I told him, “I have seen your books - you are not doing right in saying that you are the master of J. Krishnamurti. It is true that he learns yoga from you, but you are not his master; you are simply a teacher. But proclaiming yourself as master of J. Krishnamurti has much bigger implications than just being a teacher of yoga.

“Somebody may be massaging him, somebody may be a physician to him, somebody may be taking care of his food - that does not mean that they become masters! You are simply taking care of his body - you should make it clear.

“And now you have approached me for the simple reason that now you can add this too to your propaganda, that you are my master. No one is my master - and I am not interested in yoga at all.” Krishnamurti is interested because yoga belongs to the same hemisphere of the mind. Physiological activity or mental activity - activity as such is one part of the mind.

I cannot say that I belong to the traditions of Zen or Tao, although I love those traditions more than any other. But I cannot be part of their group because they are using the other side of the mind - the inactive mind. Their whole effort is how to shift your consciousness, which is focused on action.

Naturally, in the world, action is needed, not inaction. For every success action is needed, not inaction. For all ambitions, action is needed. So the whole world, by and by, has become focused on the active part. But the active part is going to create tensions; it is going to create anguish, sadness. Even if you achieve your goal, you will find that you have not achieved anything - you simply wasted your time and your energy.

The active part of your mind cannot leave you in a state of silence, relaxation, just at ease, at home. That is impossible for the active mind.

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