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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

Is the friendship of the blind beggar and the beggar without legs contradictory? What can be more harmonious? Two people functioning like one person - what can be more harmonious? Eyes belong to somebody, legs belong to somebody else; but eyes and legs belonging to two different people are functioning as if they belong to one person.

I would have loved to start with doubt because that is easier; you are already trained in it. That’s what J. Krishnamurti has been doing all his life, and has proved an absolute failure. And now there is no possibility for him to change his way of working. Ninety years of continual teaching of doubt, skepticism, intellect, reason.. He has worked hard; one feels sad for him, but all that he has been able to create are doubting Thomases all around the world.

Those doubting Thomases are blind, and perhaps J. Krishnamurti also cannot see clearly. He is not blind, but his heart is not on top of his intellect; his intellect is sitting on top of his heart. He has not moved anywhere either: whatever he was saying in 1925 he is saying in 1985 - the same.

Just now Sheela was telling me that one of my sannyasins, Deeksha, went to see Krishnamurti in England. At first he was not ready to see her, but Deeksha is not the type to leave anybody so easily. She pestered him, and she wouldn’t leave; finally, poor Krishnamurti had to encounter Deeksha.

But the first thing she did, she should not have done. She wanted to take over J. Krishnamurti’s kitchen - it was a good idea, she is a perfectly good cook - but what she did wrong was that she mentioned she had been with me. That was not the right certificate to produce. That was not the right qualification; that was absolutely the wrong qualification, the wrong certificate.

If she had asked me I would have told her how to approach J. Krishnamurti: at least don’t mention my name, ever, because my working is totally opposite to his. And he immediately gets enraged.. The moment she mentioned my name - you cannot believe that a man like J. Krishnamurti would say such a thing - he said, “Yes, Osho was enlightened, but now he is no longer.”

Now this is something great! Nobody has ever heard that somebody who has been enlightened can also become unenlightened. Nobody can fall from there because there is nothing to fall, nowhere to fall, nobody to fall; not a single ingredient exists. Where can you fall? The whole universe is in you, and you are in the whole universe. Where can you fall? - there is no other space. And who can fall? - because the one who could fall has fallen long ago: it is his fall that makes enlightenment possible.

A person exists before enlightenment, not after enlightenment.

After enlightenment, enlightenment exists.

No person, no ego, no “I”- so who can fall?

That is one of the impossible things in existence: to fall from enlightenment.

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