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Chapter 17: Responsibility Is a Sincerity of the Heart

Even if at the end of your life you come to know who you are, it is early. So never expect that in the beginning someone can tell you that this is you. If it were so easy then everybody would have known. One has to struggle for it. One has to grope, one has to go astray many times. There are many hazards, many pitfalls on the way; a thousand and one wrong doors and one right one. It is a puzzle.

Life is a labyrinth. But if one goes on, persists, one day the right door opens. That is the reward for your whole struggle. There is life in its tremendous glory and splendor!

But that cannot be given to you. You will have to seek and search for it. But don’t be depressed in any way - this is how it has to be. Mm? Good!