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Chapter 27: Become the Mystery

There is mystery but it is not confined only to women. The whole existence is mysterious. This beautiful rain.this music of the falling rain.the joy of the trees. Don’t you think there is great mystery?

There was a hill station in the state where I was a professor for many years, and on that hill station was a rest house far away deep in the hills, absolutely lonely. For miles there was nobody.even the servant who used to take care of the rest house used to leave by the evening for his own home. I used to go to that rest house whenever I could find time and sometimes it used to rain just like this.and I was alone in that rest house and for miles there was nobody. Just the music of rain, just the dance of the trees.I have never forgotten the beauty of it. Whenever it rains I again remember it. It has left such a beautiful impact.

If you look, then each flower is a mystery. From where do those colors come? Every rainbow is a mystery, every moment of life is a mystery. Just to be here.is it not a mystery that you are nowhere else but here?

Once your eyes are clear and your head and heart are no more in conflict, everything starts becoming mysterious. Then you don’t want to de-mystify it - that is absolutely ugly and criminal! The mystery of existence has to be welcomed as it is. Dissecting it, demystifying it, is a violation, aggression, violence.

A man of meditation simply enjoys the flowers, the birds, the trees, the rain, the sun, the moon, the people. It is good that we are all engulfed in a mysterious whole. Life will be utterly boring if every mystery is decoded.

Science’s whole effort is to demystify existence. Poetry and art are concerned in rejoicing, in welcoming the mystery of existence. And the mystic, the religious man, lives the mystery - not from the outside as a poet, but from the very inside of it. He becomes himself mystery.

There is a beautiful story. Unfortunately it cannot be true. I would have loved it to have been true.! In the East there have been many lovers, very famous lovers - Heer and Ranjha, Sheeri and Farhad - and the most famous is the third couple, Laila and Majnu.

None of them could meet and live with each other. That is their great fortune; hence they remained loving each other for their whole life.

Majnu was a poor man. Laila was a very rich, super-rich girl, and the parents were not willing to give their only girl into the hands of Majnu, who was nobody at all, just a beggar. Just to avoid him, and to avoid any slander, the parents left the town for another city; they had businesses in many cities and houses in many cities.

The day they left, Majnu was standing outside the city by the side of a tree, hiding himself in the foliage of the tree, just to see for the last time his beloved Laila moving away. He saw Laila on her camel, and the whole caravan was moving away. He went on looking and looking as far as he could, and in a desert you can see very far, there are no obstructions.

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