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Chapter 40: My Disciples Are My Garden

We are together here only for a single intention: to remind you that you are not what you have been taught that you are, that you are somebody else. And you will remain miserable till you find your reality. Your whole tension, anguish, anxiety consists only of a single thing: that you are trying to be somebody which you are not. Your whole life has become so strained, and it will remain so, until you realize that your personality is only a drama and it is time to go home.

Sometimes a shock is needed, sometimes an accident, so that your mask slips down - and suddenly you look in the mirror; it is not your face. Sometimes a certain device is needed so that you can uncling yourself.

I have always loved a small incident:

In India, every year in every village, people dramatize the life of Rama. They are not great actors, but it has become almost a religious tradition, for thousands of years. And there are many difficulties.

There is a war between Rama and his enemy Ravana. Rama’s young brother, Lakshmana, is hit by Ravana’s son’s arrow and falls down, unconscious. The greatest physician of those times is called. He says, “Something is possible, but it is very difficult: a certain plant is needed to prepare the medicine, and that plant grows on a mountain far away.”

Hanuman, a devotee of Rama, says, “I will go and I will bring whatever is needed. Just describe it to me, because the mountain will be full of vegetation.”

The physician says, “There will not be much difficulty, because in the night this certain plant gives light as if it were a candle. So you can recognize it without any difficulty.”

Hanuman flies, reaches the mountain, waits for the night, but he is very much puzzled, because there are many plants, all different, which are radiant with light. He had forgotten to ask, “Is this the only plant which is radiant, or are there other plants too?” Now it is too late; he cannot go back. But he is a monkey god.

The only way is to take the whole mountain, so he takes the whole mountain so that the physician can choose the right plant for the medicine.

Now in the drama it is a very difficult problem: writing all these miracles and fictitious things in stories is one thing, but to dramatize them is a real difficulty. The first difficulty is to make people see that Hanuman is flying - and he is not flying, he is just hanging on a rope and the rope is being pulled from the other side of the stage, and he is going fast, on the rope. Then he comes back with the mountain - and the mountain is nothing but a plastic mountain with beautiful small plants; each plant has candles hidden in it. And he comes with one hand on the mountain and the other hand on the rope.

But something goes wrong - the wheel, on which the rope has to be rolling, is stuck. In a village, particularly in India, it is expected! Now Hanuman is hanging in the middle of the stage, getting very embarrassed, and people are shouting and clapping and enjoying as they have never enjoyed.the mountain in one hand, the other hand on the rope, and the poor fellow cannot get down.

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