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Chapter 7: Difficult and Easy

How can you love God? How can you pray? Because prayerfulness comes out of great gratitude; prayerfulness comes out of gratefulness. A life lived well becomes a life of prayerfulness. It has nothing to do with churches and temples and mosques, it has something to do with the quality of your life. A life lived well, moment to moment, aware, alert, not postponed, becomes a prayerful life - and prayerfulness by and by turns into meditation. Then you don’t even pray, because the words disturb. Then your prayer becomes silent. When prayerfulness is silent it is meditation.

So to understand that existence is beautiful, sacred, that existence is a benediction, a blessing, you will have to live a different type of life: a life which is not one of postponement. This is the meaning of living moment to moment.

Unburden yourself from the past. It is no more there, it has already flown away, it exists not. You are unnecessarily burdened by ghosts - they are no more. And don’t burden yourself with the future - it is not yet. When it comes, you will be there to meet it. Why plan about it right now? Because the way you are going to plan it, it is never going to happen. Your planning is bound to create a greater problem, because when you plan beforehand you want to impose your plan on existence.

Existence is not to follow you; you can follow existence and feel graceful. But existence cannot follow you, you don’t know the whole. You don’t know the desire of the whole, the destiny of the whole. And you make private plans.they are bound to be against the whole, and they are bound to be broken. Then your heart is broken.

Drop the past. And don’t bring the future in. This moment is all. If you live this moment alert, then things, small things, will be dealt with. and, those small things dealt with, you will grow, and there will be no great problems.

Lao Tzu says that for a great man there are no great problems. Ordinarily you must be thinking the other way round, that great men exist because they tackle great problems. And Lao Tzu says there are no great problems for a great man because he never allows the problems to become great; he always deals with them when they are small, within his hands; then something can be done. And when you deal with problems moment to moment you are always fresh, unburdened; dust never collects on your being. Next moment you slip - fresh, young and virgin - you slip into the next moment as a snake slips out of its old skin, the old left behind. The fresh and younger skin comes. Then life is a mystery, it is not a problem to be solved. It has to be lived and lived totally. Then you feel grateful. Then it has been a blessing.

Remember this, and then try to understand Lao Tzu’s sutras.

Accomplish do-nothing.
Attend to no affairs.
Taste the flavorless.

In action, do nothing - this is the very deepest secret of Lao Tzu. He says when things can be done by non-doing, why do you bother to do? When things can be done by non-doing, if you do, if you try to do, you will create only troubles for yourself.

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