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Chapter 1: Surrender Is Just a Beginning

But when they see that one can jump and still be alive - and not only that, but more alive than ever; when they see that the abyss is not death but life abundant; when they see that one who has opened has gained something, has not lost anything, but has become richer and more vital - then they start daring. One dares and another follows, then somebody else, and then it becomes a simple thing, a very simple phenomenon. But then you have to be courageous yourself. So next group, you dare as much as you can. And there is no excess in it. Whatsoever you do will be always less than can be done. Good.


I feel more open now, and my emotions are going to the extremes very often - in just a day even.

Allow them, because your whole life you have been suppressing them. So allow them and soon the extremities will disappear. It is as if somebody has been fasting for a few days and then you invite him for a feast. He goes on and on eating, and he eats too much - to the point where he starts vomiting. But this cannot continue every day. If he is allowed to eat, soon things will settle.

The whole of humanity exists starved, starved of a thousand and one things. Love has not been allowed; sex has not been allowed; anger has not been allowed. Laughter has not been allowed and crying has not been allowed. Man is crippled so much that it is a sheer miracle he continues to exist. Why isn’t every man mad? - that is a very pertinent question. The question is not why a few people are mad, but why everybody is not mad!

The whole situation is such that when you laugh for the first time after many years, or even after many lives, the laughter goes to the very extreme. Repressed so long, it explodes. If you cry and weep, then the tears go on and on, and there seems to be no end to it. But allow it and soon things will settle, because to be extreme is not the way of nature.

The way of nature is exactly the middle, the golden mean. Nature always balances. But if things are suppressed, the mind starts creating an imbalance, and to balance it you have to move to the other extreme. So for a few days - it may not be for long, for a few days - allow whatsoever happens and be in it. And don’t try to think of ideals. For example, if you are crying and weeping and tears are coming, don’t ask yourself what people will think. They have been telling you from the very childhood not to be a sissy, be a man; that this is okay for girls, but not for boys. Be hard, and a toughie.

So one becomes a toughie and then loses the tender heart. One loses the quality of crying which is tremendously beautiful. Eyes which cannot cry, cannot know what poetry is; and a heart which cannot weep, cannot know what mystery is. And if you cannot weep, you cannot laugh - they go together, as two aspects of one coin. So if you suppress crying and weeping, you will suppress laughter. At the most you smile - and that smile also seems to be painted, posed, manipulated, as if you are doing something. It is not like a flower that is coming from within and is opening. It is something forced from the outside - a head thing.

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