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Chapter 23: Existence Is Very Shy

He said, “Every enlightened man is unique; this is my condition. It is up to you - if you don’t feel like coming, don’t come, because I have sent many others who will be coming. How do you think I go on living here? You are not the only fool who has come in search of himself. Many others have come and many others will come, and I have a simple condition, bring a Havana cigar.”

The man said, “Okay, I will go home and if I am still alive I will bring the Havana cigar. But promise me that you will not give another condition.”

He said, “You should remember, enlightened people never promise anything, because who knows about tomorrow? I may change my mind. I may refuse your Havana cigar. You try your best, I will try my best, and then we will see what happens. But right now you get lost. I have enough cigarettes that you have brought, let me enjoy them.”

The man was very much frustrated, but as he went back, by and by he started thinking, “Perhaps there is something in the message. He said, ‘Go home and have a good rest.’ Perhaps he was speaking allegorically - where is the home?” He had read in books that the real home is inside. And how can you find the home? Have a very relaxed, restful state of mind and you will find the home.

He said, “My God, he told it and I have not even thanked him. I will bring the Havana cigar just as a thankfulness.”

I have loved that story. Whether that man came back or not I don’t know; whether that old man meant what he figured out about the home and the rest, that too is not clear. But whatever the situation, the man got the message. He went back, relaxed, rested, and tried first to enter into his inner being - to find the home, because the walls of your house are not the home.

Your body is the wall; your mind is the wall. Behind your body and mind there is your real home.your very source of life.

When somebody finds it, he has a good laugh: “I was unnecessarily standing on my head, distorting my body doing yoga exercises, fasting, going on holy pilgrimages, torturing myself in the mountains, in the deserts - and all the time I was carrying my truth within myself.” Whenever somebody finds it, can you think he will not laugh - laugh at himself? Mind laughs at others.

Beyond the mind there is only one laughter, but it resounds for centuries. The place where Bodhidharma became enlightened.I have been to that place. He became enlightened fourteen hundred years ago and people have made a temple in his memory, in the place where he laughed for the first time. And the story is that if you sit silently in the temple, you will still hear the laughter.

There is a statue of Bodhidharma. He was a very strange man. If he meets you in the night, you will never go out of your house in the night again. He had such big eyes that, if he looked into you once, that was enough for enlightenment! And his laughter must have been a great laughter because he has a very good, big belly. Even in the statue the belly has ripples.