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Chapter 9: Who Is This Man Osho?

There is an ancient proverb: “People will believe anything, if you whisper it.” Particularly if you want the women to hear anything, whisper it! But I go one step further. If you really want to express the truth, don’t say anything about it, just leave the gap. Let people hear without your saying anything. That’s the only way truth has always been transferred - from one silent heart to another silent heart.

In utter silence is the only possibility to meet, to merge, to share.

A joke for you. The purpose of the joke is not the joke. The purpose is the laughter that follows, because in that laughter your thinking stops. In that laughter, you are no more mind. And after the laughter, just a very small gap and I can reach to the deepest core of your being.

An Englishman, a Frenchman, and a Russian were arguing about the nationality of Adam and Eve.

“They must have been English,” the Englishman offered. “After all, only a gentleman would share his last apple with a lady.”

“They surely were French,” the Frenchman asserted. “They were so hopelessly in love.”

“They could only have been Russian,” declared the Russian. “Who else would walk around naked, have but one apple to eat between them, and think they were in paradise?”