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Chapter 8: Laughter: Love, Joy, Gratitude

And I absolutely agree with this old rabbi. If you meet God, don’t fall on your knees and start praying - he is tired of all that! Tell him a beautiful joke. That will be a deeper communion with him. Let him have a good laugh. In that laughter there will be a revelation.

Vimalkirti, a few jokes for you:

Karpuik was rushed to the emergency room of the city hospital. The doctor on duty was amazed to discover that Karpuik had scalded his scrotum. “How did it happen?” he asked.

“I was making tea,” replied the Polack, “and the directions said, ‘Soak bag in hot water.’”

Pilzudski took his wife to the doctor and complained that he could not have intercourse with her because she was too tight.

“Alright,” said the doctor, “let’s test it!”

The sawbones put the wife on the table, applied some Vaseline to his instrument and entered Pilzudski’s wife easily.

“Hey,” said the Polack, as he watched the doctor pumping away, “if it not be for the medicine I think you be screwing my wife!”

There once was a pious young priest,

who lived almost fully on yeast;

“For,” he said, “it is plain

that we’ll all rise again,

and I want to get started at least!”

My approach towards life is that of laughter. And laughter contains love, laughter contains joy and laughter contains gratitude. Laughter contains a tremendous thankfulness towards God.

When you are really in deep belly laughter, your ego disappears. It happens very rarely in any other activity, but in laughter it is bound to happen. If the laughter is total the ego cannot exist; nothing kills the ego like laughter. That’s why all egoists are serious. Ego can exist only in seriousness; ego lives, feeds on seriousness. And serious people are dangerous people.

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