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Chapter 10: Daring, Rebellious, and Existential

It is not an ordinary laughter, it is a laughter that says, “I am searching for something which I already have!” It is a laughter about oneself. It is not pointing to anybody, to any incident or to any thing. It is simply a recognition that, “I have been stupid in searching. Rather, I should have been silent and in my silence let the flower blossom.”

Returning to his hut, Kyogen performed the ceremony of purification, offered incense, paid homage to his teacher, Isan, and with the deepest sense of gratitude said, “Great master, thank you! Your kindness to me is greater even than that of my parents.”

Parents can only give birth to your body. It is only the master who can trigger a process in you which brings consciousness, awareness, life at its optimum.

“If you had explained the profound cause to me when I begged you to give me an answer, I should never have reached where I stand today.”

This is a very special standpoint of Zen. The master has not to give you a verbal answer, because the verbal answer will become knowledge, and knowledge is a hindrance. The authentic master will create the situation. It is always perhaps - perhaps you may be able to hear the bamboos, perhaps not. The master’s function is to create a situation in which you can become awake.

It is very indirect work, a subtle work. It is not a Christian preacher, a missionary, a Hindu pundit or a Jewish rabbi talking about scriptures, quoting others.

Zen wants you to remember not to believe in quotes. Let it be your own experience - never stop before that!

It is because of this that Kyogen is thanking his master Isan: “If you had given the profound cause to me when I begged you to give me an answer I would have never received it. Because you did not give it, you simply created a quest in me: ‘Who is in?’ I have found it. All gratefulness goes to you.”

Kyogen’s verse on this occasion runs:

One stroke and all is gone,
No need of stratagem or cure;
Each and every action manifests the ancient way.
My spirit is never downcast,
I leave no tracks behind me,
Enlightenment is beyond speech,
Beyond gesture;
Those who are emancipated
Call it the unsurpassed.

Maneesha has asked:

Is it true to say that timing is everything.?

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