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Chapter 8: Dissolved in the Universal Soul

But as I have said, with love and prayer comes the ability to see through and reach to the invisible and leave the visible aside. Whenever someone is really in love he is oblivious of the body - he jumps into that which is beyond the body. When you love the whole existence in that way, it is called prayer.

Meditation is the process of making the intelligence more and more subtle. By and by, the impurities of intelligence drop and a moment comes when the intelligence is absolutely pure. No incompatible elements are left in it; even thoughts are not there. The intelligence becomes so pure that it doesn’t even think. Only a flame is there, without any smoke. Just pure light remains. Only in that pure light can an individual become capable of knowing the divine which is hidden behind all the layers of illusion.

“The intelligent seeker must first dissolve speech and all the other senses into mind, then dissolve mind into wakeful intelligence, then dissolve wakeful intelligence into the great soul, then dissolve the great soul into the divine, the universal soul which is the very abode of silence.”

This is the process of purification and sublimation of intelligence.

You must begin from where you are - words and thoughts. Your intelligence is distorted because there is such a burden of thoughts; there are thoughts and only thoughts. It is like a sky so full of clouds that through them it is not possible to see the sun. So it is with your intelligence: it is covered with thoughts. It is so clouded by thoughts that the luminosity of your intelligence is lost; it is hidden behind those clouds of thoughts. And even if only one cloud has dispersed you can see a glimpse of the clear sky behind it. If gaps appear in the thick clouds the light will begin to penetrate them and the sun will again become visible.

In the same way, intelligence is covered by so many thoughts. It is not just a single layer of thoughts - thousands of layers are there. It is like the layers of an onion: as you peel one layer another appears underneath, and as soon as you peel the second a third layer is found. Thoughts are like an onion: remove one layer of thoughts and the second will confront you, remove the second and the third will appear.

These layers and layers of thoughts have been accumulated over innumerable past lives. This is the dust that has gathered on your mind during your long journey of many lives. It is like the dust which gathers on the body of a pilgrim who has been traveling continuously but who has never bathed: so much dust will have covered his body that it becomes impossible to recognize him.

Meditation is a bath for the mind. One who is not able to meditate, his mind will be naturally loaded with rubbish. At every moment, new impressions are coming in. Scientists say that in one day nearly one million impressions are received by the mind. You cannot imagine how, from where, one million impressions are being received. Everything leaves an impression.

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