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Chapter 15: The Sweet Taste of Corruption

These miracles - which are all invented, none of them is a historical fact - are invented to fulfill your psychological needs. That’s why I say there is no Christianity; nobody trusts Christ, so how can you be a Christian? And all the miracles are bogus, because if these miracles had happened the whole community of Jews would have disappeared from the world. They would have all become Christians.

If the resurrection actually happened it made no impact on the contemporaries of Jesus. Can you believe this? A man who has been crucified, rises again in immense glory, with a halo of light around him, walking, meeting people, talking to people - do you think Jews would not have been tempted to follow this man? Do you think Jews are made of stone? They are as human as you are, with all the fears that you have. Their seeing in their own lifetime, with their own eyes, a man coming back from death would have transformed the whole Judaic system into following Jesus Christ. But not a single Jew was converted.

When Jesus raised Lazarus from his grave back to life, what do you say about the people who were witnesses to it? They were all Jews; and it is not a small thing - if it is not news then what is news? Lazarus was a Jew, all the people around were Jews; still they did not accept Jesus as a messiah. Certainly all these stories are false, they never happened; otherwise they would have left a tremendous impact on his contemporaries. That is the true criterion.

How many people followed Jesus? What kind of people followed Jesus? Not a single rabbi, and yet Jews had one of the most ancient traditions of scholarship. Nobody was impressed by this man. If contemporaries are not impressed do you think the Polack pope, after two thousands years, is a Christian? On what grounds? There is no Christianity, because Christ could not influence anybody. He has not left any impact on the world. What exists in his name is something else.

So it is absolutely wrong to say that I have been speaking against Christianity: there is no Christianity to speak against. I would have loved to speak against it, but where is it?

Friedrich Nietzsche I quote again and again. He said, “The first and the last Christian died two thousand years ago on the cross” - underline the words, “the first and the last Christian.” So what Christianity are you talking about? There is not a single Christian in the whole world.

I cannot speak against Christianity. Yes, I have been speaking against something which is pretending to be Christianity and is not. I have been speaking not against religion, but against religions. Yes, that is true, because the very fact that there are so many religions makes it so clear that they all cannot be true. They all can be false, but they all cannot be true.

I have looked into all those religions and I don’t see that any of them is true, because they are based on premises which they cannot prove.

They ask you to believe.

The moment somebody asks you to believe in something, that means he has no reason, logic, no existential support for what he is saying.

A man of truth never asks you to believe.

He asks you to experiment, to experience.

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