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Chapter 21: Occult Depths of Kundalini and Spirituality

An effort was made to separate Nityananda’s second, third and fourth bodies and replace them with Maitreya’s. Then Nityananda died. Then this same experiment was tried on Krishnamurti, but this also could not succeed. Then it was tried on one or two more people: George Arundale was one upon whom the experiment was tried by some who knew of this mystery. Among those who knew of this secret was Madame Blavatsky. Of all women in the twentieth century, she had the most profound knowledge of the occult sciences. Annie Besant was another, and Leadbeater also possessed a deep understanding in occult matters. There are very few people who have this understanding.

These few people knew that the power behind the three bodies of Buddha was about to diminish. If Maitreya would not take birth these bodies would not be able to hold on any longer; they would disperse. Now their momentum is about to end. Someone should now be ready to absorb these three bodies. Whoever absorbs these will in a way cause the rebirth of Buddha. The soul of Buddha will not come back, but the soul of the individual will take on the bodies of Buddha and work accordingly. That person will at once involve himself in the mission of Buddha.

Not every person can be in this state. Whoever he is he should at least be of a level of consciousness that is almost as high as Buddha’s was. Only such a being will be able to absorb his three bodies; otherwise he will die. So the experiment was unsuccessful, because there were many difficulties in the process. Endeavors are still going on. Even today there are small esoteric groups who are trying to bring down these three bodies of Buddha. But now there is no wide publicity about it, because that proved harmful.

There was a possibility of the three bodies descending into Krishnamurti. He was worthy of it and this was widely advertised. This publicity was in good faith, so that when Buddha’s advent took place he would be quickly recognized. It was also done in order to revive the past-life memories of those now living who existed at the time of Buddha so that they could recognize that this was the same man. But this publicity turned out to be detrimental to the process. It created a reaction in the mind of Krishnamurti, who has a modest, reserved and sensitive personality. It was difficult for him to be in a crowd. If this experiment had been carried out silently in a secluded place, if nobody would have known about it until the event took place, it is very likely that it would have taken place.

But it did not take place. Krishnamurti refused to let go of his second, third and fourth bodies to be replaced by the three bodies of Buddha. This was a great blow to the occult science of our times. Such a vast and intricate experiment had never been performed in this world anywhere except in Tibet. This process has been carried out in Tibet for a long time, and many souls work through the medium of other bodies.

I hope you have understood what I said. There is no contradiction in it even though sometimes you might feel that there is. It is possible that you may feel something to be contradictory because I have talked from a different angle, but it is not so.