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Chapter 12: Laughter Is the Highest Spiritual Quality

But now it was a revelation to the archbishop, that these people are walking on water. He said, “Forget the prayer I have told you. Your prayer is right. You continue your prayer, because I have been praying this authorized prayer my whole life. I cannot walk on water. My prayer has not been heard, but your prayer has been heard. You go. Just forgive me for interfering in your life. Whatever you are doing is right. Continue doing it in your own way.”

These one hundred and twelve methods of meditation are exhaustive. There cannot be one hundred and thirteen. Everything that different human types will need is included in one hundred and twelve methods. And they are handed down from centuries. They are simple. The key in all those one hundred and twelve methods is witnessing - in different forms, in different strategies - but the innermost core is witnessing, awareness, watchfulness. You can call it anything, but it will be another meaning of witnessing.

With witnessing, you can have a quantum leap. You can move from your sleep - not the ordinary, but the spiritual sleep - and you can wake up. Not the ordinary waking that you have done every morning, but the real awakening, which brings you to the highest realization in life - of yourself, and the whole, and that you are part of it; that the whole is you and that you are the whole. There is no distinction.

Physics has given the words quantum leap. No spiritual thinker, philosopher, has tried to think of a parallel for spiritual growth. That shows the poverty of your so-called spiritual thinkers, theologians. But in fact, meditation is the way which can bring a sudden flare-up in your being. And not only that, it can start a chain reaction. One flares up and suddenly people of the same type, who have not even tried meditation, who are not even seekers, who have never thought about anything spiritual, catch the infection - it is contagious.

So a few people around the earth get the quantum leap, then thousands more will become part of a world-wide fire. And that is the only way to save whatever millions of years of evolution has brought to us.

You have to choose between Ronald Reagan and Gautam Buddha. It is not a coincidence that Ronald Reagan used to have a chimpanzee as his friend. A man is known by the company he keeps. And when he became president, the chimpanzee was also very happy.

They both went for a walk. An old man saw the chimpanzee and Ronald Reagan; he was ashamed that the president of America cannot find friendship with any human being, he has to find friendship with a chimpanzee.

He went close to them and said, “Mr. President, this does not look good.”

Ronald Reagan said, “What does not look good?”

That old man said, “You shut up, idiot. I am talking to the president. You have no right to interfere. You may be his friend, not mine.”

The future is in danger if man does not understand the methods that can bring him quick transformation. We don’t have time for evolution. We don’t have time even for revolution. Only a quantum leap can save humanity and the universe.

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