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Chapter 13: Almost Ready to Steal the Truth

So I am grateful for your suggestion that you want to donate those four acres to me, but I want you to note that for thirty years I have not accepted any gift, I have not possessed anything. The closest center has to be given the land. If you want to give the land to me, I cannot take it. But you should donate the land to the meditation center in Kathmandu. They can make a place for me, and you will create a trouble for them, because then they will have to find hundreds of acres more land, because thousands of people will be coming here whenever I am here. Right now they are being prevented. I’m telling them not to come because I’m going on a world tour myself. So you need not come to be in one place and I can meet you around.if the governments and countries and popes allow me! Because even countries where I have never been have made laws that I cannot enter their territory.

There are countries I was planning to go to and I heard that they had been instructed by the pope that I should not be allowed to enter because they are all Catholic countries. This world is not yet human, it is not yet civilized. It is utterly uncultured.

Because the commune in America had become such a great center of meditation - people were coming there to learn meditation from all the corners of the world - the American government became jealous. No other place in America was being visited by so many people from all over the world. Even the White House started looking poor!

Naturally they became jealous, they became very much afraid, and they tried every illegal thing to destroy it. They have destroyed the commune, but they cannot destroy the spirit of meditation, they cannot destroy the seekers, they cannot destroy the people who were coming there. They will meditate somewhere else. It does not matter. They have simply harmed themselves.

It was prestige for America. Otherwise, who goes to America on a spiritual search? Have you ever heard of anybody going to America on a spiritual search? It was prestige for them if they had been a little intelligent. I had created a place where, from all over the world, people were coming to seek, to learn, to be more authentic and real. And we purchased that big piece of land simply for one reason, that nobody would be disturbed.

The closest town to us was twenty miles away. We were an island in ourselves. Nobody was being disturbed by us. Still, the whole American government was immensely disturbed for no reason. Just because people were coming there.it became a world capital. It became more important than Washington. Washington has all the powers and all the money - they could not tolerate that there was some other place also in America where people would come and simply go back. They didn’t travel around America because they did not come to see America. They had not come to see the cities and the American wealth. They were simply coming to the commune - staying there for three months, going directly back home.

They have been ugly in destroying the commune. The sannyasins from all over the world had invested three hundred million dollars in it. They have offended millions of sannyasins around the world for no reason at all.

So I would suggest you give those four acres. For me, they are more than enough, but then the center will be in difficulty. It will have to find a place where the people can come - I cannot prevent them forever. I’m just postponing, week by week. From all over the world people want to come, but we don’t have the space, we don’t have the place.

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