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Chapter 5: The Fragrance of Nothingness

If you carry a blueprint of God you will go on missing God - because you have not known him before. Yes, others have known, but whatsoever they have said are only maps. I can give you only a map. All knowledge is a map. Don’t start worshipping the map, don’t start creating a temple around the map. That’s how temples have been created. One temple is devoted to the Vedas, another to the Bible, another to the Koran - these are maps! These are not the real country, they are only charts. When I say something to you, I have to use words. Words reach you, you jump upon the words, you start hoarding the words - the mind is a great hoarder - and then you start thinking that you know.

This is not the way to know. The way to know is to discard all knowledge. And discard it in a single blow! Don’t go slowly, gradually. If you see the point it can happen in this very moment. In fact, to see the point is to let it happen. You need not do anything in particular, you need not even drop knowledge. Just seeing the point that knowledge cannot make you a knower - in fact it will hinder you - seeing this, the revolution.seeing this, the transformation.

So when the mind is naked, is silent, is nonfunctioning, is in utter waiting, then there comes truth. Then there is truth. It need not come from anywhere, it has always been there. But you were so full of knowledge, hence you went on missing it.

Nothingness can know truth because in nothingness intelligence functions totally. Only in nothingness does intelligence function totally. That’s why - you see the miracle! - children are so intelligent and old people, by and by, become so dull. Children learn things so fast! The older you become the more difficult it becomes to learn. If you are old and you want to learn Chinese, you will take thirty years; and a child learns within two or three years.

Now scientists say that a child can learn at least four languages very easily if he is just exposed to four languages - very easily! This is the minimum. The maximum has not yet been decided: how many languages a child can learn together if he’s exposed to them. It happens! If the family is multilingual it happens very easily. If the town is multilingual it happens very easily. In Bombay it happens easily: the child will learn Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, very easily. The child needs only to be exposed. He is so intelligent that he immediately sees the point of it and learns it. The older you become, the more difficult.

It is very difficult, they say, to teach an old dog new tricks. It need not be so! If you remain a nothingness, then it need not be so - because then you remain a child your whole life.

Socrates is a child even when he is dying, because he is still vulnerable, open, ready to learn; ready to learn even from death! When he is lying on the bed and the poison is being prepared - at six o’clock he will be given the poison, as the sun will be setting - he is so excited, like a child. His disciples are crying and weeping, and he is so excited. He gets up again and again and goes out to inquire of the man who is preparing the poison: “How long will it take?” - his eyes are so curious. And the man is going to die! - this is no time to be so curious. The man is going to breathe his last breath within minutes, and he is so excited, so ecstatic. One disciple asks, “For what are you getting so excited? You are going to die!” And Socrates says, “I have known life, and I have learned much from life. Now I would like to know death and learn from death. That’s why I’m excited.”

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