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Chapter 10: The Supreme Understanding

That is the ultimate death. It appears like the ultimate death. Even the Ganges shudders, trembles before it falls; even the Ganges looks backwards, thinks of past days and memories, and the beautiful time on the plains and the tremendous energy phenomenon in the hills and the glaciers. At the last moment, when the Ganges is going to fall into the ocean, it lingers a little while longer. It wants to look back, think memories, beautiful experiences. That has to be also watched. Don’t linger!

When the ocean comes, allow: merge, melt and disappear.

Only on the last point can you say goodbye to the master, never before it. Say goodbye to the master and become the ocean. But up to that moment you need the hand of somebody who knows.

There is a tendency in the mind to avoid an intimate relationship with the master; that’s what becomes a barrier to taking sannyas. You would like to remain uncommitted; you would like to learn, but you would like to remain uncommitted. But you cannot learn, that is not the way; you cannot learn from the outside. You have to enter the inner shrine of a master’s being. You have to commit. Without it you cannot grow.

Without it you can learn a little bit from here and there, and you can accumulate certain knowledge. That will not be of any help; rather it may become an encumbrance. A deep commitment is needed, a total commitment in fact, because many things are going to happen. When, if you are outside on the periphery, just learning as a casual visitor, then much is not possible, because what will happen to you when the first satori comes? What will happen to you when you go mad? And you are not losing anything when you commit to a master, because you don’t have anything to lose. By your commitment you are simply gaining; you are not losing anything because you don’t have anything to lose. You have nothing to be afraid of. But still, still one wants to be very clever, and one wants to learn without commitment. That has never happened, because it is not possible.

So if you are really authentically sincerely a seeker, then find someone with whom you can move in a deep commitment, with whom you can take the plunge into the unknown. Without it you have wandered for many lives and you will wander again. Without it the supreme accomplishment is not possible. Take courage and take the jump.

Enough for today.