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Chapter 14: The Tug of War

You are the most fortunate people ever. But that may not be of help, you can go on missing. You will have to learn new ways of being. You will have to learn how not to miss. You will have to learn how to keep your stupid mind from coming in and interpreting.

Little Danny, aged eight, came home with the often-repeated complaint, “Teacher is picking on me again!”

“Is that so!” said his mother angrily. “Enough is enough! She has been picking on you all year. Now it is going to stop! Tomorrow, Danny, I will go to school with you and we will have it out with her.”

The following morning mother arrived with Danny and demanded an explanation from the teacher.

“That’s ridiculous,” the teacher replied in answer to the mother’s tirade. “Accusing me of picking on your child? I have never picked on any student. Besides,” she added, “you might as well know the truth. Your Danny is not very bright, and when I use the word bright I am being excessively kind. Let me show you what I mean. Danny,” she called, “tell us how much five and five is.”

“You see, Mom,” cried the boy, “she is picking on me again.”

Your interpretations.. You will have to learn how to keep your stupid mind from coming between me and you. And there are a thousand and one ways for this mind to come in. And it is the only mind you have.

By being a disciple, what really happens? What really should happen? What is expected to happen? Being a disciple simply means that now you will start functioning from the master’s mind and not from your mind. And yes, that statement of yesterday remains right in its own way. Sometimes you cannot.there are situations.you have limitations.. I don’t make any impossible demands on you, but sometimes it is possible that you may not be able to do something.

For example, this French sannyasin really had nothing to do back there; there was no responsibility waiting for her there. There was no problem. It was not a great demand on her to be here for four weeks - she had money, she had everything. There was not any problem there that she had to go and solve - her father was not dying, her mother was not ill - there was no problem. So it was simply stupid.

I understand that sometimes your mother may be ill and dying and, although I told you to stay, you have to go. But then you go with tears in your eyes. What I have said is only this: don’t create any guilt. Yes, man has limitations. Sometimes you may not be able to fulfill my advice - it’s okay. But it is only for the exceptional cases when you cannot fulfill my advice, and that too just to help you so that you don’t become burdened with guilt. Otherwise there is nothing.. You have to feel that you have not been able to fulfill.that something has been missed - but it is not a question of guilt. You have missed something, that is enough punishment.

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