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Chapter 11: Not Mind, Not Buddha, Not Things

You may not have observed this because it is impossible before you go into deep meditation; you cannot observe the fact that the whole universe breathes. And just as you expand and shrink the whole existence shrinks and expands. Just as you inhale and the chest fills, and then you exhale and the air goes out and the chest shrinks, the same rhythm exists in existence. The whole existence breathes, expands, inhales, exhales - and if you can find the rhythm of existence and become one with the rhythm, you have attained.

The whole art of ecstasy, meditation, samadhi, is: How to become one with the rhythm of the universe. When it exhales, you exhale. When it inhales, you inhale. You live in it, are not separate, are one with it. Difficult, because the universe is vast.

A master is the whole universe in miniature. If you can learn how to inhale with the master and how to exhale with the master, if you can learn simply that, you will learn all.

At the moment when Pontius Pilate asked, “What is truth?” if he had known anything, even the ABC of disciplehood, the next thing would have been to just close his eyes and inhale and exhale with Jesus.just inhale and exhale with Jesus. The way he inhales, you inhale, and in the same rhythm; the way he exhales, you exhale, and in the same rhythm - and suddenly there is oneness: the disciple has disappeared, the master has disappeared. In that oneness you know what truth is because in that oneness you taste the master.

And now you have the key - and this has not been given either, remember, it has been learned by you. It has not been given to you; it cannot be given, it is so subtle. And with this key now every lock can be opened. It is a master key, no ordinary key - it doesn’t open one lock, it opens all locks. Now you have the key, and once you have the key you use it with the universe.

Kabir has said, “Now I am in much difficulty. God and my guru, the whole existence and my master, are standing before me; now to whom do I bow first? To whose feet now do I go first? I am in deep trouble!’ And then he says, ‘Forgive me, God. I will have to go to my master’s feet first, because he has shown you to me. I come to you through him. So even if you are standing before me, excuse me, I have to touch my master’s feet first.’”

Beautiful.this has to be so, because the master becomes the door to the unknown, he becomes the key to the whole existence. He is the truth.

Learn how to be in the presence of the master, how to breathe with him, how to silently allow him to move in you, how to silently merge into him, because the master is nothing but God who has knocked at your door. He is the whole universe concentrated. Don’t ask questions, live with him.

Now try to penetrate this story - small, but very significant.

A monk asked Nansen: “Is there a teaching no master ever preached before?”

Whatsoever has been preached is not the teaching; the real teaching has never been preached, it cannot be told.

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