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Chapter 12: To Create a Balance

Meditation is needed more today than ever before. Meditation is needed so much that it is almost a question of life and death. In the past it was a luxury; few people - a Buddha, a Mahavira, a Krishna - were interested in it. Other people were naturally silent, naturally happy, sane. There was no need for them to think of meditation; in an unconscious way they were meditating. Life was moving so silently, moving so slowly, that even the most stupid people were capable of adapting to it. Now the change is so tremendously fast, with such speed that even the most intelligent people feel incapable of adapting to it. Every day life is different, and you have to learn again - you have to learn and learn again and again. You can never stop learning now; it has to be a life-long process. To the very point of death you will have to remain a learner, only then can you remain sane, can you avoid neurosis. And the pressure is great - forty times greater. How to relax this pressure? You will have to go deliberately into meditative moments.

If a person is not meditating at least one hour a day, then neurosis will not be accidental; he will create it himself. For one hour he should disappear from the world into his own being. For one hour he should be so alone that nothing penetrates him - no memory, no thought, no imagination; for one hour no content in his consciousness, and that will rejuvenate him and that will refresh him. That will release new sources of energy in him and he will be back in the world, younger, fresher, more able to learn, with more wonder in his eyes, with more awe in his heart - again a child.

This pressure to learn and the old habit of not learning is driving people crazy. The modern mind is really super-loaded and no time is given to digest it and assimilate it into one’s own being. That is where meditation comes in and becomes more significant than ever: without a time given for the mind to rest in meditation, we repress all of the messages that are pouring in continuously. We refuse to learn. We say we do not have time. Then the messages begin to accumulate.

If you don’t have time enough to listen to the messages that your mind is receiving continuously, they start accumulating just like files accumulating on your table - piles of letters accumulating on your table because you have not time enough to read and answer them. Exactly like that your mind becomes cluttered: so many files waiting to be looked into, so many letters to be read, to be answered, so many challenges to be taken, to be faced.

I have heard..

Mulla Nasruddin was saying one day, “If something wrong happens today, I will not have time for at least three months to look into it. So many wrong things have already happened which are waiting there. If something wrong happens today,” he said, “I will not have time to look into it for three months at least.”

A queue - you can see that queue inside yourself - and the queue goes on growing. And the bigger the queue, the less and less space you have; the bigger the queue, the more and more noise inside, because everything that you have accumulated demands your attention.

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