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Chapter 9: Pure Land Paradise

Just a few days ago there was a question: “Why have you declared yourself to be Osho?” It is a drama. I have decided to play the part of Osho and you have decided to play the part of disciples - but it is a drama. The day you will become aware you will know there is no master and no disciple. The day you will understand, you will know that it was a dream - but a dream which can help you to come out of all your other dreams, a thorn which can help to pull out your thorns from your flesh. It can be instrumental - but a thorn all the same. A poison which can help you to drop your other poisons - but a poison all the same. Use it as a raft. That’s why I say it is a drama.

Your being a disciple and my being a master is a drama. Play it as beautifully as possible. To you it is a reality, I know; to me it is a drama. From your side it is a great reality, from my side it is a game. One day you will also understand that it is a game. That day will be the day of your enlightenment.

Dipankara was simply saying to Gautama, when he touched his feet, that this is just a game. You touch my feet or I touch your feet - it makes no difference. We are all enlightened, we are all gods. Not that I am god and you are not god - all is divine. Trees are gods, so are animals, so is everything, even rocks!

God is fast asleep in the rocks. He has become a little alert in the trees, a little more alert in the animals, a little more alert in you. In a buddha he has come perfectly to absolute alertness. But the difference is not of quality, the difference is only of quantity. And if you are this much aware, you can become that much aware too.

Buddha says:

The Lord asked: What do you think, Subhuti, is there any dharma which the Tathagata has learned from Dipankara?

He is asking, “Have I learned anything from Dipankara?” There is nothing to learn. Truth is a given fact. Whatsoever you learn will be lies. Truth need not be learned. Truth has not to be invented but only discovered, or more right will be to say it has only to be rediscovered.

And the word learning is dangerous. Learning is accumulating information. The more you accumulate information the deeper your reality goes into the unconscious. You become burdened, you become too top-heavy. Your head starts clamoring with knowledge, becomes very noisy, and then you cannot hear the still small voice of your heart. That silence is lost in the noise of knowledge.

That’s why even sinners achieve but scholars miss - because the sinner can be humble, but the scholar cannot be humble. The sinner can cry and weep, but the scholar knows. He is adamant in his knowledge, he is egoistic in his knowledge. He is hard, he cannot melt. He is not open, he is closed. All his windows and doors are blocked by his knowledge, his scriptures that he has accumulated.

To come to truth means unlearning rather than learning. You have to unlearn that which you have known. It is not a becoming but an unbecoming, it is not a learning but an unlearning. To unlearn is the way. If you can unbecome then you will be capable of becoming. If you are capable of unlearning, if you can drop all knowledge utterly, unconditionally, without any clinging, you will become innocent - and that innocence brings you home.

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