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Chapter 4: Let It Be So

And the last anecdote. Wherever you are - because ordinarily nobody remains in the first state, that is only a theoretical state, everybody has to pass out of it, more or less - the difference is of degrees, of quantity but not quality, so people are almost always found in the second category. From the second to the third, wherever you are, remember this rule:

Don’t have a closed mind. Be like the old maid who caught a burglar in her room. He pleaded with her, “Please, lady, let me go. I ain’t never did anything wrong.”

The old maid answered him, “Well, it is never too late to learn.”

And that’s what I would like to say to you. If you are in the second category, if you think you are the intelligentsia, then it is never too late to learn. Knowledge you have enough, now learn knowing. Knowledge clutters the mind as dust gathers on the mirror. Knowledge is not knowing - knowing has a totally different quality and flavor to it. It has the flavor of learning.

Let me tell you the distinction. Knowledge means that you go on gathering information, experience, categorizing, memorizing; learning means you don’t gather anything, you simply remain available to whatsoever is happening or is going to happen. Learning is a state of open mind. The more you know, the more you become closed because then you cannot avoid the knowledge that you have, it always comes in-between.

If you are listening to me and you are a knowledgeable man, a pundit, then you cannot listen to me directly, simply. You cannot listen to me. While I am speaking, deep inside you are judging, evaluating, criticizing - there is no dialogue, there is a debate. You may look silent, but you are not silent, your knowledge goes on revolving. It destroys everything that I am saying. It distorts. And whatsoever reaches you is not the real thing, whatsoever reaches you is only that which your knowledge allows to reach to you.

A learning mind is one which listens attentively with no interference from the past, which is just an opening, a mirrorlike phenomenon, which simply reflects whatsoever is. If you start learning, you will attain knowing. And knowing will help you to see that you don’t know at all. A person who has come to know reality becomes aware of his ignorance - he knows that he knows not. In this knowing, ignorance is the mutation, the transfiguration, the revolution.

So take a jump from the second state of foolishness to the third state of being a blessed fool. All my blessings are for those who are blessed fools.

Enough for today.