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Chapter 15: From Zero Learning to Learning Zero

Get more and more in tune with my presence, not with my person, because I am not a person at all. I only appear as a person; otherwise I am just an absence. As far as the person is concerned I am utterly absent, but in that absence there is a light, there is a presence. That presence has nothing to do with me. That presence has no center to it, that presence has no self in it. That presence is as much yours as mine. That presence is divine. If you are silent your heart will start pulsating with it, your heart will start singing with it, your heart will have a dance with it. Your heart will start moving, soaring upwards.

Every man, every woman, is born with a bird in the heart. The heart has wings, but the heart can open its wings only in the sky of silence. Words are weighty, words gravitate towards the earth. Forget all about words and let the celebration be.

The second question:

What is learning?

Learning, in the first place, is not knowledge. Let us start from negating, from eliminating; let us first say what learning is not.

Learning is not knowledge. Learning has become too much identified with knowledge. It is just the opposite of knowledge. The more knowledgeable a person is, the less he is capable of learning. Hence children are more capable of learning than grown-ups. And if the grown-ups also want to remain learners, they have to go on forgetting whatsoever they have learned. Whatsoever has become knowledge in them, they have to go on dying to it. If you collect your knowledge your inner space becomes too heavy with the past. You accumulate too much garbage.

Learning happens only when there is spaciousness. The child has that spaciousness, innocence. The beauty of the child is that he functions from the state of not-knowing, and that is the fundamental secret of learning: functioning from the state of not-knowing.

Watch, see, observe, but never form a conclusion. If you have already arrived at a conclusion, learning stops. If you already know, what is there to learn? Never function from the ready-made answer that you have arrived at from the scriptures, universities, teachers, parents, or maybe your own experience.

All that you have known has to be discarded in favor of learning. Then you will go on growing, then there is no end to growth. Then a person goes on remaining childlike, innocent, full of wonder and awe to the very end. Even when he is dying he continues learning. He learns life, he learns death. And the person who has learned life and learned death goes beyond both; he moves to the transcendental.

Learning is receptivity, learning is vulnerability. Learning is openness, open endedness.

Learning can be divided into many categories. I would like to divide it into eight levels, eight planes.

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