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Chapter 45: Christianity: Doomed to Die

That woman - I have not heard it before - not only says that she is a thirty-five-thousand-year old ancient being from the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, she also says that she is the reincarnation of the Hindu god Rama. In fact, she has concocted the name Ramtha from Rama. And whatever she is saying there is nothing new in it.

In the article that Anando has brought to me she has criticized me also. She has said that the moment her books are published, Osho’s books will simply disappear from the market, nobody will read them.

One thing is certain - that she is reading them! And perhaps most of her outpourings are from those books. Otherwise out of thousands of books why has she chosen only my name? It cannot be just an accident. She must be reading those books, she must be using the material from those books, and now she has to prove that those books are not right - because of the inner fear that she has stolen from them.

It is very significant that there are many writers around the world who are stealing words, sentences, paragraphs, whole ideas from the books - not mentioning my name because then they won’t look original; but they are afraid that somebody may find out that these are from my books so they have to do one thing more: they have to condemn me in some way, to balance. “This man cannot be stealing from Osho, he is against him.” So they do both: they condemn, they criticize, and they steal.

I don’t know this woman, but one thing is certain: she is reading my books. She is stealing from those books, she is afraid of those books, she would like those books to disappear from the market. Otherwise why mention it? I am nobody. Why bother about me?

And in America it has been now a long tradition. There are always people who are from Atlantis, Lemuria, Tibet - saying things which are written in ordinary literature. You have just to go to a library and look and you will find every sentence that they are saying is stolen; it is not from Lemuria, it is from the public library of the town.

But people don’t read. They listen to all this garbage and they pay for it. And there is psychology in it; if you pay four hundred and fifty dollars just to sit in audience, when she goes in a trance and starts talking.. And not only that, if you are listening to her and seeing her on your television in your home, you have to pay two hundred dollars..

When people pay that much money, they themselves are caught in a difficulty. If they say it is all nonsense then they have been an idiot to pay. They have to go home and say, “It is just far out. Four hundred and fifty dollars is nothing. Any amount of money is nothing. What she is saying is so valuable.”

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