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Chapter 3: Session 3

I can understand why Leonardo da Vinci is Leonardo; why Michelangelo is Michelangelo; why Rabindranath is Rabindranath; and Kahlil Gibran is Kahlil Gibran. They have all touched this beauty in their dreams. Yes, only in their dreams - but they never knew the truth. What they knew was the object, but what I know is the knower.the subject, the great subjectivity.consciousness.sat-chit-anand. I understand truth - bliss - consciousness..

Open your wings,

there is nothing to fear,

nothing to lose.

Just be open to the sun,

the stars..

Don’t be afraid. I am always in favor of danger, and this is dangerous because you are on the very verge of consciousness. This is the time you want to stop, but this is the time I want you to go on, because danger is beautiful, you cannot have too much.

But I see you are already going back, you are backing away. What is there to fear? Chemistry is there, the body is there; I can talk - what does it matter if I am not in the body? One man is not important.but what I am saying matters. What I am saying will remain, it will stay; it is of the essence. I don’t matter. What matters is what I am saying.

If the time is over, okay, but five minutes for my silence.. I was just trying to feel the chair, because I am so in the sky, to be in this chair at the same time is wonderful. I am not joking. I have never joked in my life. All those jokes.I have forgotten them.

The word osho is a code word. It means nothing in itself. I have given it the meaning “the blessed one,” but it means nothing. But wherever I am, I will come back whenever you use this word osho.

I will always be there when you say, “Osho.”

Thank you all.