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Chapter 30: Laughter and Tears - a Cleansing of the Heart

“It was fantastic, really out of this world,” she says. “How about you?”

“Nothing special,” admits the farmer, “A bit weird, in fact. All night long she kept playing with my ears.”

A man has his prick amputated in a car accident. As an experiment the doctors graft on a baby elephant’s trunk instead.

Some time later he goes out to dinner at a French restaurant. He is sitting there with his date, when all of a sudden the baby elephant’s trunk sneaks out of his pants, scoots across the table and grasps a bread roll and then disappears again.

The girl does not believe what she has just seen and says nothing. But a few minutes later, while they are talking, out pops the baby elephant’s trunk, scoots across the table, grabs another bread roll and vanishes.

“My god,” cries the girl, “what was that?”

The man is extremely embarrassed but finally manages to explain the whole story.

“That is great!” exclaims the girl enthusiastically. “Can you make it to do it again?”

“I would,” says the man, “but I don’t think I can fit another bread roll into my ass.”

Now, two minutes of silence, close your eyes and no movements; just be absolutely still, as if you are frozen.

Now, relax.let go.

.Okay, come back.

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