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Chapter 2: Seeing Life As It Is

Everything has become silent, as if you have died. Everything is dead.. Everything is dead.. Only consciousness is left within.a burning lamp of consciousness - the rest is all dead. Let go.let go.let go completely - as if you are no more. Let go totally.as if your body is dead, as if your body is no more. Your breathing is gone, your thoughts are gone - as if death has occurred. And move away, move totally within. Let go.let everything go. Let go totally, don’t keep anything. You are dead.

Feel as if everything has died, as if all has died, only a burning lamp is left inside; everything else has all died. Everything else is dead. Be lost in this emptiness for ten minutes. Be a witness. Keep watching this death. Everything else around you has disappeared. The body is also left, left far behind, we have moved away - keep watching it. Keep watching, remain a witness. For ten minutes keep looking within..

[Silent solitude.the roar of the ocean.sounds of birds.the murmur of the passing breeze. heartbeats.. All is silent.all has become still.. After a few minutes pause, Osho resumes his suggestions..]

Keep looking inside.keep looking inside.. Let go.be totally dead. Keep watching, remain a witness.. Let everything go as if you have died, as if everything on the outside has died - the body as well as the thoughts - only a flame of consciousness has remained inside, watching.you have remained only a watcher, only a witness...let go...let go...let go completely..

[Immense silence.solitude.and stillness prevails..]

Whatever is happening, let it happen.let go completely, just keep watching inside and let the rest go. Give up your hold completely..

[Silence.solitude.utter stillness..]

The mind has become silent and empty.the mind has become totally empty.. The mind has become silent and empty, the mind has become totally empty.. If you are still holding back a little, let go of that also. Let go totally.disappear - as if you are no more. The mind has become empty.the mind has become silent and empty.the mind has become totally empty..

Look inside.look inside with awareness.everything has become silent.the body is at a distance, the mind is at a distance, only a flame has remained burning.only a lamp of consciousness has remained, light has remained..

[Silence.solitude.utter stillness..]

Now slowly take a few deep breaths. Keep watching your breath.. Slowly take a few deep breaths.. Slowly take a few deep breaths.and keep watching from the inside, remain a watcher to the breath also.. The mind will become even more silent.. Take a few deep breaths slowly, and then gently open your eyes. If someone has fallen, take a few deep breaths first and then get up slowly. Don’t rush if you are unable to get up, don’t rush if you find it difficult to open your eyes.. First take a few deep breaths, then open your eyes slowly.get up very softly. Don’t do anything with a sudden movement - neither getting up nor opening your eyes..

Our morning session of meditation is now over.