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Chapter 22: Freedom Doesn’t Choose, It Discovers

You say freedom is the greatest value for you. You also say your attitude to life is that of let-go. It seems to me that you have used your freedom to choose to give up the freedom to decide anything, in favor of letting existence take care of you. Is the ultimate in freedom actually total enslavement?

No, I have not chosen anything. I have not chosen out of my freedom to allow the existence to take care of me. Freedom is choiceless. In freedom I have discovered, not chosen.

With the eyes free, with the consciousness free, I have discovered that let-go is the way existence functions. There was no question of choice - whether to be with existence or not. It was not either/or, but just the realization that this is the only way existence works. I relaxed with it.

The people who are not living a life of let-go are choosers, because they are going against nature, against existence; they have to choose. The ego is a chooser. When you are completely free of ego, of self, when you are simply freedom, you see it happening that the fight is disappearing and let-go is taking its place. You are nothing more than a watcher. If you choose it, then it is not let-go. How can it be let-go if you choose it?

It happened that one man came to Gautam Buddha, and he wanted to surrender himself unto Buddha’s feet.

Buddha looked at him and said, “You cannot surrender.”

He said, “Why? Everybody else is allowed, and I am not allowed - what is my disqualification?”

Buddha laughed and he said, “There is no question of disqualification. Just the nature of surrender is such that you cannot do it - it happens. If you do it, it is your doing; it is not surrender. If you do it, you can take it back; it is never total, you are outside of it. It was your action, so you can decide any moment: no more surrender! But if it happens then it takes all of you, the whole of you, leaving nothing behind which can ever do anything against it.”

Simple things.but they become complicated because our mind is accustomed only to doing.

These are not mind things, surrender, let-go - these are not mind things. It is impossible for the mind to think of them. It can agree to surrender, it can agree to let-go, but it has to be the master, doing it, and it has to be an act - and that’s where everything goes wrong.

Surrender is once and forever; let-go is once and forever - just as death is once and forever, because nothing is left that can change the course of things. All has been taken in. You are no longer there to have a second thought.

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