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Chapter 7: The Ecology of Existence

In this reference the word friend can be used, but not in the first reference. That’s why I have been insisting on the word friend.

I don’t want to be betrayed by you.

I don’t want any Judas, any Goshalak, any Devadatta. And if I am not presenting a higher status than you, there is no need to betray.

I have been just a friend on the way, walking together - nobody higher, nobody lower. We just liked each other and walked together! And as we walked together, the liking became love. As we walk together we come closer and closer and the energy transfers itself.

This is something new that has never been said before, and never been attempted before. I want to make it a clear-cut line that divides the history of spiritual slavery from spiritual freedom, where the master is so confident of his authority he need not pretend to be higher. Do you see the point? Whenever somebody pretends to be higher, he himself is suspicious of his highness, he is suspicious of his authority himself.

Only a real master can be humble.

Only a real master can be human.

The old ways of religion - all the ways have to be abandoned. We have given enough time for them; they have not succeeded in transforming humanity. Now we have to work in a different way, in a new way.

My feeling is, there are millions of people in the world who want to be transformed but who do not want to be humiliated before a God, before a master - who have some self-respect.

I am opening the door for all those people who have some self-respect. We will not touch their self-respect. It is perfectly okay. If it disappears on its own accord and leaves a better consciousness within you, that is for you to decide.

Many of your disciples seem to have found a partner for life. Is this not contradictory to your statements about love, relationship and let-go?

It is not contradictory. It is absolutely consistent. When I say that your love should be a let-go, I mean it should not be something forced, it should not be something dependent on law, on social conventions. I mean that the only binding force between two lovers is simply love, and nothing else. This love may go a long way; this love may not go a long way. This love may go the whole life; this love may be finished tomorrow. That’s what I mean by let-go.

There are people who want licentiousness. That is not my meaning of let-go. I am not saying you should go on changing your partners every day. Again that will be forced. That would be moving from the one extreme of marriage that you cannot change the partner, to the other extreme that you have to change your partner.

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