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Chapter 17: A No-Return State of Affairs

“Okay, wise guy,” says the cop, “take those penguins to the zoo and don’t ever let me catch you trying to pull a stunt like this again. Next time, I will arrest you.”

Frightened by this, Kowalski immediately takes off towards the zoo. Later that evening, the same policeman notices Kowalski driving along in his car and sure enough, the back seat is full of penguins. Only this time, the penguins are all wearing little black bow ties.

“Okay, buddy,” snarls the cop after he has stopped the car, “what is the big idea? I told you to take these penguins to the zoo or I would arrest you.”

“But officer,” gasps Kowalski, “we went to the zoo.”

“Well,” snaps the cop, “so?”

Kowalski explains, “So tonight we are going to the theatre.”

Mabel, the young office girl, is walking along the beach in despair. She is flat-chested and gets really upset watching all the other big-breasted girls attracting all the handsome men on the beach.

As she walks along, her foot kicks a small glass bottle lying in the sand. She picks it up and pulls out the cork. There is a flash of light and out pops a genie.

“Who are you?” gasps a frightened Mabel.

“I am the genie of the glass bottle,” replies the apparition, “and for your kindness in releasing me, I will grant you any wish!”

“That’s great!” shouts Mabel. “I would like the two biggest boobs in the world!”

The genie waves his hand, and Poof!

There stand Ronald Reagan and Pope the Polack.

Before our let-go, two minutes have to be given to total silence, as if everybody is frozen.

No movement.

Just gather your energy within yourself.

Now relax - let go.