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Chapter 6: Let-Go - the Fundamental Principle

Young Ruben, a poor man without education or social background falls in love with a millionaire’s daughter. She invites him to her house for dinner and to meet her parents.

Dinner is served in luxurious style and Ruben is just beginning to relax when suddenly he farts loudly. The girl’s father looks up and then stares at the large dog lying at Ruben’s feet.

“Rover,” he calls out and the dog waves his tail. Ruben is relieved that the dog has been blamed, but just then cuts another fart. His host looks up and in a louder voice says, “Rover!”

The dog looks up but yawns and goes back to sleep. Within minutes, Ruben farts again. The rich father grimaces and shouts to his dog, “Rover, get out from under there before he shits all over you!”

A pretty girl is driving through the American West when her car runs out of gas. An Indian comes past and gives her a ride to a gas station, sitting behind him on his pony. Every few minutes as they ride along, he lets out a wild whooping yell that echoes around the hills. Finally, he drops her off with a last, “Yaa-Hoo!”

“My god,” says the gas station owner, “what were you doing to that Indian to make him shout like that?”

“Nothing,” says the girl, “I just sat behind him with my arms around his sides, holding onto his saddle horn.”

“Miss,” says the man, “Indians don’t use saddles.”

Now, before the let-go, there are a few questions which have been waiting for long. So, Maneesha, you can ask your questions before the great Yaa-Hoo! happens.

It is going to happen, there is no way to avoid it. How else are you going to learn let-go?

.Now, the dodos are looking very afraid. I can see how many dodos are all around.

Just do it carefully, because poor Niskriya’s camera is there, somebody’s glasses are there. Do Yaa-Hoo! but just have a look all around. Meanwhile, I will answer a few questions. You take a careful look, which side will be good to do Yaa-Hoo! And don’t do it on the poor musicians. Just a little care has to be taken.

So, one question more.

As I write this question my hands are shaking.

Soon, more than your hands.everything will shake! Okay, let them shake.

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