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Chapter 29: Come a Little Closer

I said, “Why should I be angry, why should I be ferocious? Life is too short to be angry, to be ferocious. Even if we can manage to be blissful, that’s enough; if we can manage to bless, that’s enough. What you do is your business, but you have done it well. Your writing is good; what you have written is nonsense, but the way you have put it and presented it is really good. And you devoted almost one year to my service. I cannot pay you, but I can give you my blessing.”

And the book was published with my blessings and every criticism that appeared in newspapers about the book mentioned it: “It is strange that Osho blesses it.” And just that simple blessing cancels the whole book.

My whole approach is different, so totally different that it has never been used before. I am enjoying everything that has happened, is happening - perhaps tomorrow I will be arrested, deported, but I have been enjoying it. Then Hasya has to find a new place, so I can be deported again! We are not going to leave a single country unblessed.

In fact I cannot conceive a situation that will be a disappointment to me. You have to forgive me - I am simply so fulfilled and so happy, so centered that nothing can affect me. Any new kind of situation is really a great excitement. And to live without any conditions, to live with people who have total freedom to be the way they want to be, is already a transformation. All old approaches have failed. Now let us see what happens to my approach. As far as I am concerned I cannot fail, because I am squeezing the juice of life every moment; I don’t leave it for another moment.

What has to be seen is how many people can become as successful, as victorious as I am. I am giving them all the cues, now it is their problem. If they fail they should be disappointed; why should I be disappointed? If they succeed, they should rejoice. I can participate in their rejoicing, but there is no way to disappoint me.

Just include me out from that category of Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti and others.

I have tried for so long to write a question to you about money. The question is so complex, I can’t even get it on paper. It involves friendships, self-image, integrity, trust, intelligence, identification, letting-go, holding-on, guilt, relationships, and most importantly, my discipleship.

Please help me with the question and the answer.

Money is a strange thing. If you do not have it, it is a simple matter - you don’t have it. There is no complexity. But if you have it, then it certainly creates complexities.

One of the greatest problems that money creates is that you never know whether you are loved or your money is loved, whether you are desirable or your money is desirable. It is so difficult to figure out, that one would have preferred not to have had money; at least life would have been simple.

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