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Chapter 6: Let-Go - the Fundamental Principle

Ten years of sannyas have finally brought me to a total chaos.

Give a good applause! Somebody has come to a total chaos!

But you have not known total chaos - just wait.

On the one hand I welcome it; on the other hand there is so much fear about whether I’ll come out of it.

There is no hope - once you are in it, you are in it. Nobody has ever come out of the chaos.

.Just complete his question.

And this “tiger” about whom you were speaking to me comes closer and closer.

That’s true.

(Everyone is shipwrecked with laughter. There’s nothing to hold on to, what to say about letting go?)

What to do at such a meeting? My fear is of dying or going cuckoo.

Most probably cuckoo, because in let-go nobody is going to die. A few people will shout “Yaa-Hoo!” - that means they have gone cuckoo. A few will remain sane and try.but they will be stupid. Such chances rarely come in life.

Osho, my heart is trembling. Can you please say something?

I don’t know what to say! Should we do the exercise?

Niskriya, stand up. Yeah.

Now, give the order - “Yaa-Hoo!”

That is good! Now.stop!

Come back..