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Chapter 6: Let-Go - the Fundamental Principle

Recently, you concluded a discourse by saying: “Remember, ‘let-go’ is the most important word in existence.” It penetrated me like an arrow. Since then your words have been haunting me.
Beloved Master, could you please speak a little more on the art of letting go? It seems the easiest yet the hardest thing to do. Is there a knack? Could you once again burn my ignorance with the lightning of your arrow?

It is certainly more difficult to be easy. It is easier to be difficult. The mind, obviously, is interested in the difficult; it wants to avoid anything that is too simple. The reason is very clear: the simple is the death of the mind. The difficult is its nourishment, its life, its very being.

It is strange - but truth is always the most strange thing - that one has to ask how to relax, how to go to sleep. Fortunately, nature has not left many things in your hands. Otherwise, it is absolutely certain you would have asked how to breathe: “It is so simple, Osho, but just give me a little strategy so that I can breathe. How to let the heart go on beating?”

But nature is compassionate enough, it has not given you any important thing to do - so you can be a member of the Couch Potato Club and nature goes on taking care of all that is essential.

Let-go is certainly the most fundamental principle of religiousness. It simply means no goal, no desire, no longing, no past, no future - just being here in utter totality, drowning in this silence, without any resistance.

There is no art, there is no knack, there is no method; just a simple understanding. Who is preventing you? Your own past, that you think is valuable.how can you drop it? It is a treasure, it is your heritage! The future.how can you drop it? - although you don’t have it. Still, you are worried how to drop it: “How can one drop the future? Future is all that we have. All the dreams, all the tomorrows, all the great things that have to happen are in the future.”

And when I say to you, “Drop the past, drop the future, just simply be.”

In that moment of simple being, immense blessings descend on you, silences, ecstasies - effortlessly. And because you have not made any effort and the flowers go on showering on you, it creates a very new dimension in your being: the dimension of gratitude, which religions have wrongly interpreted as prayer.

You cannot pray before you have known let-go. All the churches and all the temples are full of people who are praying, but they don’t know; they are not in a state in which prayer arises on its own as gratitude.

Prayer cannot mean anything else but gratitude - gratitude for so much that is given to you each moment without your asking. You could not have conceived of any more than what happens in the moment, if you allow it to happen.

And the allowing is very simple:

No past, no future - just this moment.

You ask, “Could you please speak a little more on the art of letting go?” In fact, there is no art. And I have already spoken too much on it which is not really allowed.

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