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Chapter 1: Of the Famous Philosophers

He is almost like a doll that is made in Japan. It is a doll of an Indian mystic Bodhidharma, who was the founder of the great tradition of Zen. In Japan, more lovingly, his name has become Daruma. Bodhidharma seems to be a little hard; Daruma seems to be sweeter. And they have made Bodhidharma’s statue, which are called Daruma dolls.

Their uniqueness is: you can throw the Daruma doll any way, but it will always sit back in the lotus posture. You cannot topple it. Its top is very light and its bottom is very heavy. So whatever you do - you can kick it, you can throw it in the air - whatever you do, Daruma always sits back in the lotus posture.

The case with the word God is similar. It has been so misused; it has dominated the whole past of man and destroyed all possibilities for man’s evolution. You can manage to drag it, somehow, into the future, but within a few seconds you will find it has gone back again.sitting in the lotus posture.

It is right of Zarathustra to drop the word God. It was a fiction and we cannot relate with a fiction in any way. But superman is not a fiction; it is your potential, it is every man’s potential. The very idea of superman makes you rich, makes you feel full, makes you feel no longer a beggar and a worshiper. You need not go to any church or temple or mosque, because now there is no need for any prayer. You have to be a creator, you have to transform yourself.

Religion becomes the alchemy of transformation - from a slave into a master.

Zarathustra is not to be categorized with your other philosophers; he stands aloof. And his contribution is tremendously valuable. His contribution is so valuable that it is more than the contribution of all your philosophers combined. They have not contributed anything; they have been simply arguing, fighting about words, hypotheses. They have not thought that man is not the end, that the full stop has not come yet and perhaps will never come.

Man will go on evolving. He will feel that he is coming to the full stop, but the full stop will never come. And it is good that it will never come, because the full stop will be death. A full stop means the grave, because now there is no future left, no evolution possible, no more creativity. You have spent your whole potential.

I agree totally with Zarathustra that man has infinite potential, that he can go on growing to new levels of consciousness, new levels of blissfulness, new stages of ecstasy. He goes on becoming superman, but he is a process and not an event. Superman is also a process and not an event.

Zarathustra changes many words which have dominated man very destructively. He does not want to use the word event, he wants to use the word process. He does not want to use the word being; he wants to use the word becoming - so that there is always something more to be attained, there is always something more to be achieved, there is always immense space for your soul to soar high. You cannot reach to the limits of the universe, because there are no limits.

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