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Chapter 15: The House Where Nobody Lives

But the human mind is a very complex thing. I have been for women’s liberation, and my secretary Hasya was in Europe, meeting different groups. She went to see women’s liberation groups, but because a book was written by a man, they could not accept it. The same stupidity - I am for their liberation, but because I am a man, they will not accept my book or my ideas for how women can attain liberation. And they themselves are doing stupid things in the name of liberation. What is their liberation? - just smoking like a man, dressing like a man, using dirty words like a man. Soon they will ask to urinate like a man! This is their liberation.

The question is the same with all kinds of slavery: the slave himself is unable to get free of his conditioning. Otherwise, it can happen in a single moment. Here nobody even inquires who you are; we simply give you the opportunity to drop your conditioning. Whatever that conditioning is, whoever has imposed it, Hindus or Mohammedans or Jews or Christians, it does not matter. The question is to drop it and just be yourself - clean, as if you are just born.

This is the only revolution that can make all kinds of slaveries disappear from the world. And we need a world of freedom, of all kinds of freedom - of speech, of movement, of dignity. The whole past is so dark that it is time to absolutely disconnect ourselves from the past and to create a new future.

Particularly in these moments - the last part of the twentieth century - it is becoming more and more imminent: either you create the new man and a new humanity or you are going to destroy this beautiful planet. Either there is a tremendous revolution, that throws away all the past that we are loaded with, or we will be killed by the weight. And not only will we be killed - the trees, the birds, the animals, the flowers, everything will disappear. This cuckoo will not sing; there will be no silent assembly like this.

In the past it was just a philosophical, ideological question. Now it is a very practical, pragmatic, factual question: Do you want to survive? Then drop all kinds of slaveries and all kinds of unconscious superiorities, inferiorities. Just let each human being be himself, accepted, respected.

If existence respects you, who are the brahmins to condemn you? If existence accepts you, then you can have a feeling of tremendous responsibility: you are needed by existence, and this is enough to feel fulfilled and contented.

But this fulfillment comes only through a deepening of meditation.

I am interested in Zen only because Zen is pure meditation. The very word Zen means meditation. It has nothing else, it requires no rituals. Just as you are, the only requirement is to go in and discover your eternal self.

That eternal self is neither brahmin nor harijan; that eternal self is neither man nor woman. That eternal self is a blissfulness, a peace that passeth understanding.

That eternal self is pure ecstasy. You can sing and you can dance, and your singing and your dancing - if they are coming from your innermost core - become your only prayers. They are the only authentic prayers; all others are composed by man, and a prayer composed by man is of no value.

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