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Chapter 6: The Virtuous Circle

“Ahem,” he said, clearing his throat. “Wlod-hm-h-m-ski, do you take this woman.?” and so forth.

“Yes sir,” responded the young man.

“Nehre-hm-hm-hm-sieka, do you take this man to be.?” and so forth.


“Then I pronounce you husband and wife,” said the Justice, “and I congratulate you both on having reduced two names into one!”

A few days after the new pope had been elected, Cardinal Sicola had dinner with an old friend, Rabbi Finkalari. They chatted about many things and the Rabbi noticed that Cardinal Sicola seemed rather dejected.

“Dear friend,” said the Rabbi, “you seem disturbed. Is it anything you would care to discuss with me?”

“You know, I did not labor under any illusion that I might be elected. I just never dreamt I was so unpopular as not to have received even one vote!”

“My dear Cardinal!” consoled the Rabbi, “dismiss such thoughts from your mind. You are held in very high esteem by your colleagues. I know what must have been on their minds. Each one undoubtedly figured that if you were elected, it would sound demeaning to call you Pope Sicola!”

The second question:

If a master’s teachings are perfect, why are they corrupted over time?

It is something very essential to understand, because it has always happened and it is always going to happen in the future too. There is not going to be any change. Every teaching is bound to be corrupted, it is in the very nature of things. Just as every child will become old one day and everyone who is born is going to die one day, each teaching is out of necessity bound to be corrupted. It cannot be avoided. It is not that the great masters have not tried; they have tried their best, but you cannot go against the laws of nature. Nobody can go against the laws of nature.

There are seven things to be taken note of. The first is the experience of the master himself. When he experiences the truth there is no mind at all. It is a state of no-mind, or as Dionysius will call it, a state of agnosia - absolute innocence. Not even a single thought moves in the mind. Hence the memory system is not functioning, the mind is in a complete state of non-functioning. It is frozen, it is absolutely still.

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