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Chapter 2: Towards the Birth of a New Man

Consciousness full of freedom can never be licentious. If a man is to be saved from the disease of licentiousness, his soul must receive the atmosphere of total freedom. However, we know only two alternatives either slavery or licentiousness. We have not yet become ready for freedom.

Discipline imposed by others is also a slavery. This kind of discipline is falling apart everywhere, and this has created anxiety. This sort of discipline is bound to fall apart it should fall apart; reasons supporting its existence are wrong. Its death is hidden within it. This discipline is hiding suppressed chaos within it. And whatsoever is suppressed forcefully is bound to explode one day.

Such a discipline, while it exists, takes away the bliss and naturalness of man’s consciousness, and when it falls apart it leaves the person as a ruin. Discipline imposed from outside is never in the interest of any man.

Education should be free of the outside imposition of discipline; it should awaken the dormant intelligence of individuals. Such intelligence becomes self-discipline. In such a life there is neither suppression nor heaviness. Such a life is simple and natural like flowers. When life is progressing through the light of one’s own intelligence, there is no possibility of chaos and licentiousness. Where there is no suppression, there is no possibility of an explosion of chaos and licentiousness.

I am asking, can’t we make man free? There appears to be the fear of licentiousness in giving freedom. This is so because we have always suppressed man in slaveries, and his soul has been always struggling to be free from slaveries. Whenever it has been possible it has broken the shackles. But in the attempt to break them, the soul becomes so full of bitterness, stiffness and opposition that it becomes licentiousness, rather than becoming free. Freedom is creative, licentiousness is destructive. But if we want to avoid licentiousness, there is no other way but to allow freedom.

Education can definitely lay foundations which can make man free. We do not want a disciplined man any more, we want a man who is rooted in freedom and intelligence. In him there is hope and there is a future.

What have the methods of discipline achieved? Discipline has given stupidity and lifelessness to man. A disciplined person is bound to be rigid. The more rigid he is, the more disciplined he will be. You see how disciplined machines are! Intelligence cannot always say yes; it should also know how to say no. In your yes there will be meaning and value only if you know when to say no. But discipline never teaches saying no; it always expects to be told yes. If a disciplined man is asked to shoot, he has to shoot. It is only because of such education that war, violence and all sorts of stupidities have been going on in the world, and they still continue.

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