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Chapter 2: The Sword of Meditation

What to say of the governments and the religions.the idiocy that even the intelligentsia is displaying in misunderstanding you is frightening. How can mankind misbehave in this way with its own highest flower? Is its soul dead? Isn’t the ugly behavior that has been meted out to you over the last ten months a kind of apartheid on an international level that is even worse than the apartheid in South Africa?
Would you please like to say something about this?

One thing that I have experienced very deeply in these ten months is the false mask that is on every person’s face. I used to think that only some people work in drama companies, but as I see it now it feels as if every man is hidden behind a false mask. These months were precious, and necessary, in order to see man as he is - and even to understand that the very man I have been fighting for my whole life is not worth fighting for. He is a rotten corpse, a skeleton. His masks are beautiful; his soul, very ugly.

The way in which many countries from all over the world have welcomed me, makes several conclusions clear. One, that the affluent countries of the West who have everything - wealth, science, technology, and every arrangement for mankind’s destruction - do not have a single ray of life. And all this material development has naturally given them a false notion: that they are not only the masters of the whole world but of everyone’s souls as well.

And the people of the East who were visiting the West - Vivekananda, Ramateertha, Yogananda, Krishnamurti - have all deceived people. And that deception was double-edged: for the West they have created the fallacy that your messiahs, your prophets, your Bibles, your Korans have the same essential message that is there in the Upanishads of the East, in the words of Lao Tzu and at the feet of the Buddha. In this way they have conveyed a lie to the West. And this lie has helped them: they were not opposed, on the contrary they were respected. And the people in the East were also pleased that Vivekananda is being welcomed - in that way, they too are welcomed. But that welcome was not for you; that welcome was for Vivekananda’s lie. A single lie did that two-faceted job.

My crime has been that I have told them the truth exactly as it is. I have told them that neither does the West have any religion nor did it ever have, and that the messiahs and the saviors of the West are not worth a penny - they are not even the dust under Gautam Buddha’s feet. Not a fraction of the heights of the Upanishads is there in the religious scriptures of the West. Hence I am unable to rank Christ or Moses or Mohammed or Ezekiel in the same category as Buddha and Lao Tzu, Bodhidharma, Bokoju, Chuang Tzu or Nagarjuna. I am helpless. The difference is so vast that to keep them in one and the same category will be the biggest lie in the world.

The delusion of Christianity - that by converting people into Christians it is taking the whole world onto the path of spirituality - is not only a lie, but is such a fallacy that darkness within the world will go on increasing in the same proportion that Christianity spreads. The reason for the opposition to me was that I couldn’t give any respect to Christianity. There was nothing worthy of respect.

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