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Chapter 15: One Coin, Two Sides

Because lovers expect to become one and cannot become one, it creates tension and fight. And each one of them feels that the other is betraying, the other is keeping a distance, the other is not allowing the merger. The same is the attitude of the other, but it is natural. If you are intelligent, you will not fight. You are trying to fulfill a longing which lovers cannot manage to fulfill. It is possible only when your love is no longer biological.

Between the master and the disciple there is love, but it is no longer biological; it is spiritual. It has nothing to do with your chemistry, with your hormones, with your physiology. Its concern is with your consciousness. When two consciousnesses meet the joy is infinite, and the joy is forever - there is no separation. Once two consciousnesses meet, they meet for eternity.

This seed, this longing, everybody is carrying within himself. And those few people who happen to meet a living master are really blessed. Millions of people in the world go on worshipping the dead saints. This kind of meeting is impossible with a dead saint, because looking into the marble statue’s eyes, you will not see anything.

Yes, once, when the master was alive, it was a totally different matter.

Before Gautam Buddha died, he said to his disciples, “Do not make a statue of me because once I am gone, I am gone. The statue can go on deceiving you for centuries.”

For five hundred years no statue was made. Instead of a statue in the temples, there was only, carved in marble, the bodhi tree under which Gautam Buddha became enlightened - just a symbol. But as time passed statues started appearing. Now there are more statues of Gautam Buddha than anybody else. And the poor fellow had said in his dying statement, his last wish, “My statues should not be made at all.”

Rarely have there been people with such clarity like Gautam Buddha, knowing that it is better that people search for a living master rather than worship a dead statue. But people find it easier to worship a dead statue than to be in love with a living master, because to be in love with a living master is always risky, dangerous. You cannot rely.. The living master is a changing phenomenon; you never know what turn he is going to take tomorrow, and you cannot dominate him.

People try.hundreds of people have tried even with me, with all good intentions - what I should say, what I should not say. Their ignorance is such that they don’t understand that if they are wiser than me, then why are they following me? They are my followers, advising me - what I should say and what I should not say, what I should do and what I should not do. They have come to me to be transformed and they are trying in every way to transform me!

Naturally, by and by, these people disappear, but with a dead master they are perfectly at ease. When they say to the dead master, “Lie down,” the dead master lies down, “Sit up,” the dead master sits up, “Now it is time to take your food, now it is time for worship..” The dead master is just a toy in their hands. Whatever you want to do with Gautam Buddha as a statue, you can do.

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